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I like short films with just one or two scenes. I like self-contained stories. Not to say I dislike big sweeping epics, I love them too, I grew up with them, but there’s something present, immediate, in the moment, about minimal short films.


An assassin's last job doesn't go to plan. He soon learns who he can trust & whom he can't - but is it too late?

Shot on location in Thamesmead, Southeast London, with a zero budget.


A stormy night, a live broadcast, a mysterious caller.

Here is one of my entries into My RØDE Reel 2021 for a chance to win $250k,

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What Do Kids Think About While Brushing Their Teeth?

Have you ever wondered what they think about?.

Here is one of my entries into My RØDE Reel 2021 for a chance to win $250k,

Head over to my YouTube channel, subscribe & Like the video. I'd really appreciate it.

Also, please take a moment to vote for my film to win. Every vote counts. Thank you.


Short films & book trailers, web series & documentaries, find them here with more on the way.

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A selection of music videos, promos, & live events etc, that I've made over the years with more coming soon.

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Basic Video Packages.


2 hour shoot

1 location



4 hour/half day shoot

1-2 locations



8 hour/full day shoot

1-3 location


We offer custom video shoot packages tailored to your needs.

Please do not hestitate to ask about your requirements here.

25% deposit for location shoots. VAT inc. in total.

* Overtime is charged either as the next higher package or 30 minute incriments.

* Finished videos are 4K HQ resolution unless otherwise requested. 1080p & 8K is also available.

* 1 location constitutes any place within a 1/2 mile radius or that doesn't require transport.

* 2 & 3 locations can be anywhere that can be travelled to within the allotted time.

* Outfits & props are to be brought with you unless otherwise arranged beforehand with us in the consultation.

Client Reviews

“Hitchcock himself couldn't create such lighting.”

A. Coppola

“I searched for a good photographer & filmmaker, but I found a master.”

Professor Parsons PHD

“Total pleasure to work with a talent like this - perfection in each and every frame.”

Francine Fontaine


So it's not hard to make a film apparently.

The way we see a film is all down to the director. Master and commander, captain of the crew.

Ah, but without the script there's nothing to direct - Writers welcome.

Oh, hmmm, actors. S***, can't direct thin air even with the best script and someone to perform it.

Even then it's not free so you know you need a producer. Phew! sorted.

There you go then, oh wait, the best script ever written even when performed by the best actors ever to grace us with their presence and paid for by the richest producer who hired the best visionary director to bring us the greatest masterpiece of film history would be totally awesome...

Well, it would be if we had a camera operator to shoot it and an editor to piece it all together.

Wow, it's not that hard then. It looks fantastic.

What? what did they say? Oh, wait we need a sound operator as the make up, costume, set pieces and special effects are lost without sound. Was that an explosion? FOLEY ARTIST PLEASE!

Huh. So they don't look right without a make-up artist, a costume designer, set designer and decorator and special effects wizard. But now at least everything looks and sounds perfect in that light.

Turn the lights up a bit mate over there. Crap! We need lighting crew.

Ok then. Great film. But hang on where is it? I'm sitting here ready to watch this magical spectacular but there is nothing showing. WTF man!?!? WTFF?!?

Oh, distributors, durrrr, I forgot.

So that's it then it's made and it's out there.

FANF***INGTASTIC! Can't wait to see it.

So do I just stand in the street here or... at the end of the world looking over?

Ah, s*** we need a venue. A cinema or maybe just a TV at home.

Good stuff.

S***y b******s! Need a projectionist at least or some sort of TV broadcast service...

So we have a cinema or a TV. Sit back and relax. Feet up. Popcorn and a drink.

Eyes and ears... Well ****, at least they're free and easy to come by... For most of us at least.

Next time someone asks me "How hard is it to make a film, really?" or says something like "Tut, don't worry, can't be that hard, people do it everyday."

I'll just look at them and say something like "Yeah."

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